our Scilly holiday
LAST UPDATE: February 2nd (shots of The Bishop Rock and Penninis lighthouses and St Marys town beach added)

Welcome to the site, and please allow me to explain a little about how it came about. Basically, after my latest trip to Scilly in Easter 2006, I noticed that I seem to take a lot of similar photos each time I visit, and decided to look back through some of my parent's shots to see if they had any similar ones. It turns out they did, and I began to see that it can be really interesting to compare and contrast how the islands have changed over the years - particularly familiar landmarks and places. My wife, who is a Geography teacher, also found it interesting to compare some of the geological features - Camel Rock for example - so I realised that this might make quite a fun subject for a site.

What I'm hoping is that some of the visitors to the site might want to share some of their own photos - either missing years for the shots I already have, or perhaps new comparisons where they have more than one shot of the same thing.

If you want to get involved, drop me an e-mail (remove the NOSPAM part of the address!) and we'll discuss it further. For the time being though, please feel free to roam the site and do let me know what you think, especially if you have suggestions or ideas.

Bishop and Wolf, St Marys  |  Bishop Rock Lighthouse (UPDATED!)  |  The beach, Bryher  |  The church, Bryher  |  Burnt Island, St Agnes  |  Camel Rock, St Marys  |  Cromwell's Castle, Tresco  |  Fraggle Rock cafe, Bryher  |  The trees on the Garrison  |  The boat on Gugh  |  Hugh Street, St Marys  |  Innisidgen Burial Chambers  |  King Charles Castle, Tresco  |  Lifeboat Station, St Marys  |  Mumfords, St Marys  |  Old Town church, St Marys  |  Pulpit Rock, St Marys  |  Penninis Lighthouse, St Marys (UPDATED)  |  Pleasure Boats, Various (UPDATED)  |  The Quay from the Garrison  |  Spiky plants in The Gardens  |  The beach on St Martins  |  The St Martins Hotel  |  St Marys Quay  |  Star Castle, St Marys  |  St Nicholas Church, Tresco  |  The Swan Dancer  |  The Scillonian (UPDATED)  |  The Mermaid, St Marys  |  The Swordfish II  |  The St Marys town beach (UPDATED)  |  Tresco Gardens rock seat  |  Tresco Abbey  |  The Abbey Gardens view  |  The Tresco Island Hotel  |  The Turks Head, St Agnes (UPDATED)